Each year hundreds of international faculty, scientists and students visit Berkeley for short terms of study and research.

Appointment as a Visiting Scholar or Visiting Student Researcher is contingent upon the interest and ability of a campus department or organized research unit (ORU) to accommodate the scholar for the period of time desired. All Visiting Scholars and Visiting Student Researchers must be sponsored by a faculty member of the University of California, Berkeley and meet certain requirements. 

Visiting Scholars and Visiting Student Researchers may informally audit classes (with the exception of courses offered by Summer Session or University Extension), participate in seminars with permission of the instructor; confer with faculty members; and, access facilities that the sponsoring unit may be able to offer. Standard privileges include use of campus libraries, e-mail services, fee parking permit, football ticket discounts, recreational sports facilities discounts, and access to housing services for a fee.

Application policies and procedures for appointment as a Visiting Scholar or Visiting Student Researcher vary across campus units. Some campus units have structured programs, while some have informal systems in place.

Contact the Visiting Scholar and PostDoc Affairs Office for general information on Visiting Scholar and Visiting Student Researcher positions:

Many of Berkeley's academic departments, research institutes and centers accept Visiting Scholars through informal programs. Please contact them directly to learn about their policies and procedures.

Information about special programs can be found at the links below:

Haas School of Business Visiting Scholar Program

College of Engineering:

Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism Visiting Scholar Program

School of Law Visiting Scholar Program

The Berkeley International Office provides immigration documents, advising and other services for international students and faculty:

For information on University Health Services for Visiting Scholars, please visit: