Potential Partners

The University of California, Berkeley welcomes engagement with many international institutions provided Berkeley faculty are interested in and supportive of the agreement. All proposals for formal agreements must have at least one Berkeley faculty sponsor.  Faculty members at potential partner institutions should consult with their administrative offices for administrative procedures at their institutions.

UC Berkeley's Global Engagement Office provides templates of Memorandum of Understanding to UC Berkeley faculty interesting in formalizing a collaboration with an international insitution. We understand that many international institutions have their own standard templates for these types of agreements and we are happy to work together to develop language suitable to both parties.

In most cases, campus-wide Memoradum of Understanding are signed by the UC Berkeley Chancellor and cover programs and activities across campus. Some of UC Berkeley's schools and colleges do not participate in campus-wide programs. Please contact geo@berkeley.edu for more information. 

Some notes to consider when proposing a partnership:

Reciprocal Student Exchange

UC Berkeley’s reciprocal exchange agreements are handled through the system-wide University of California Education Abroad Program. UC Berkeley does not engage in bilateral reciprocal exchange programs. More information about partnership through the Education Abroad Program can be found at their website. 


UC Berkeley is not currently seeing partners for:

  • joint or dual degree programs
  • student recruitment services
  • branch campuses