Living at Berkeley


The Residential and Student Services Program page provides information on UC Berkeley's housing and dining options.  Please note that exchange students, visiting scholars and visiting student researchers may not be eligible for all RSSP services. 

International House is a residential and program center devoted to the promotion of international friendships and peaceful international relations. Free from barriers of race, creed, and nationality, I-House is a campus center of cultural exchange, providing residence for approximately 300 U.S. and 300 international residents. International House offers an extensive program of academic, cultural, social, and recreational activities that help promote friendships around the world. Activities include cultural celebrations, seminars, language tables, slide shows, coffee hours, parties, tours, and dance & aerobics classes. I-House also has a cafe that is open to the public.

Cal Rentals Service
Cal Rentals is UC Berkeley's exclusive service providing rental listings and housing advising to the campus community and eligible visitors. Exchange students may access this service in advance of arrival in Berkeley.

Exchange students, with identification from the VSPA program, will be permitted to use the CalRentals Service as a Visiting Student Researcher. Students planning to live in private housing should plan to arrive three weeks prior to the start of the semester. A listing of several hotels in the Berkeley area can be viewed at this website.