Study Abroad

UC Berkeley undergraduates interested in going abroad should contact Berkeley Study Abroad for information on Berkeley and Education Abroad Programs choices. The Education Abroad Program, which administers recriprocal exchange for the University of California System, supports study abroad programs in over 40 different countries at leading universities. Programs range from summer to a full academic year. 

UC Berkeley's Study Abroad Office also administers the Summer Abroad program. These short courses are led by UC Berkeley faculty and focus on specific themes or topics. Examples of programs include an peacebuilding in Kenya, archeological field work in Jordan and business Chinese in Taipei.

US Berkeley's Global Internship program provides studens with the opportunities to gain academic credit while gaining practical experience in their field. Currently, internship opportunities are available in Toronto, Mumbai, Singapore, Madrid and Dublin.

Cal Energy Corps offers international research opportunities to UC Berkeley undergraduates over the summer. The internships focus on the design, development, and delivery of sustainable energy around the world. Program participants have previously been placed in NGO's and cooporations located in India, Germany, Hong Kong and Nicaragua, to name a few.

Graduate level students interested in designing their own independent research and study programs while accessing the resources and faculty from one of our partner universities should work within their UC Berkeley department for more information. Partners also offer many independent programs and welcome UC Berkeley students.