Guidance for hosting international visitors

UC Berkeley welcomes delegations from international partners, peer universities, and government agencies.

Berkeley faculty and staff who receive inquiries about hosting international delegations should direct these requests to the Global Engagement Office in the following cases:

  • The visitors have requested to meet with senior administrators, including the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, or Vice Provosts.
  • The meetings requested involve multiple units on campus.
  • The topics of interest extend beyond the faculty member's own department.

Visit requests with a specific, singular scholarly interest should be arranged within the relevant Berkeley department, school, or college. Faculty and staff should ensure all delegation visits are a valuable use of their time and resources, and that prospective partnerships align with UC Berkeley's Principles of International Engagement and Guiding Principles for International Partnerships.

For assistance in organizing visiting delegations GEO requires:

  • At least 6 weeks notice.
  • All delegations will need to complete the International Delegation Visit Request Form, which asks for detailed information on the purpose of the visit, background on the home institution, names of faculty and staff that the delegation would like to meet with, and CVs for each delegation member. 
  • Visit duration ranges from a few hours to a full day. The Global Engagement Office does not coordinate multi-day visits.
  • Visits are most productive when the group has fewer than 10 people. Due to limited meeting space on campus, groups larger than 10 people may not be able to be accommodated.

Tips for hosting delegations:

  • Schedule campus meetings during the academic year when faculty and administrators are on campus. Summer visits are possible, but many faculty and faculty administrators are away from campus during that time and not all requests can be accommodated. Visits cannot be scheduled during the Winter Holidays or on University holidays when the campus is closed. Please refer to the Academic Calendar.
  • Advise guests that UC Berkeley’s campus is large and driving to campus buildings is not always possible. Visits will likely include a fair amount of walking and advise guests to wear comfortable shoes. Ask in advance if participants require ADA accommodations. 
  • Inquire if visitors will need translation services. UC Berkeley does not typically provide translation services for delegations. Groups in need of translation should make independent arrangements. If the meetings will include translation, make sure that appropriate time accommodations are made.
  • Refer visitors to our Visitor Resources page for information on accommodation, transportation, campus maps, and visas.
  • Familiarize yourself with culturally appropriate ways to greet visitors and cultural norms for gift giving.
  • Note that it is not in Berkeley's interest to use campus resources for visits to campus initiated by third-parties, such as consulting firms or tour companies, who will benefit monetarily for setting up a tour for international academic visitors to campus. These types of inquiries can be directed to Visitor Services who offer free campus tours.
  • If security services are needed, all costs associated will the security services must be covered by the hosting/inviting department.