UCOP International Activities Policy

Please refer to the University of California (UCOP) Policy on International Activity (IAP) which covers policy related to all international activities conducted by UC employees and students, and is intended to support the University's academic mission, provide an administrative framework for international activities, and guard the interests of faculty, students, and staff while engaging in international activities. 

International activities include collaborations and agreements between UC and international partner institutions and organizations, and can range widely in size and scope. This policy sets out governing principles, clarifies approval levels, and directs you to consider and address potential risks as you pursue international activities.

In accordance with UCOP International Activities Policy, the International Activities Coordination Group (IACG) has developed guidelines to help UC Berkeley faculty and staff determine whether an international activity proposal should be reviewed by the IACG and approved by senior administrative leaders at UC Berkeley.

The Global Engagement Office is available to help faculty and staff interpret the UCOP International Activities Policy and approval routing throughout campus. Please consult geo@berkeley.edu