Tsinghua-UC Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI)

The Tsinghua-UC Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI) is a central hub of global research and education at UC Berkeley designed to promote global research collaboration and graduate student education.

Through multi-disciplinary research centers, TBSI is working to address the major challenges facing advances in the following areas: 

  • Environment Science and New Energy Technology
  • Information Technology and Data science
  • Precision Medicine and Healthcare.

As a platform for innovative research and graduate-student education with parallel functionality on the two partner campuses, the institute will integrate research programs at both UC Berkeley and Tsinghua University to address societal needs and global challenges.

Faculty from both institutions collaborate on research projects at three research centers (each of which is made up of 6 labs) located in Shenzhen, with a residency requirement of eight weeks in Shenzhen each year.

UC Berkeley and Tsinghua University also offer a 2.5-year Dual-Degree Master of Engineering program. Phase I begins in Shenzhen, followed by enrollment at UC Berkeley in Phase II. Students return to Tsinghua in Phase III of the program. UC Berkeley Core-PIs have taught or co-taught TBSI courses with Tsinghua/TBSI faculty and UC Berkeley Core PIs also serve as co-advisors for TBSI students. More information about the TBSI dual-degree master’s program is available here.

Please refer to TBSI’s website for more detailed information.

For UC Berkeley faculty and staff, more detailed information regarding the partnership development process and benefits to UC Berkeley is available here (via Google Drive, CalNet ID required).