Study at Berkeley


UC Berkeley's Academic Scheudle

At UC Berkeley the academic year is comprised of two semesters: Fall and Spring. The Fall semester is the first semester of the academic year, and begins the third week of August and ends the second week of December. The Spring semester begins the third week in January and ends the second week of May. Please refer to UC Berkeley's Academic Calendar for the specific dates for the academic year. Note that the semester typically starts one week before instruction begins.

Summer Sessions

UC Berkeley Summer Sessions invites students from around the world to take summer courses with Berkeley students. Each year approximately 16,000 students take part in the Summer Sessions program at UC Berkeley, taking courses that range from English as a Second Language to Environmental Science. Roughly 3,000 of these students are international students, whose programs of study keep them at Berkeley for three to twelve weeks. All students who are 18 and older and demonstrate both the intent to study and English proficiency are welcome in Summer Sessions.

Concurrent Enrollment

Administered by UC Berkeley Extension, Concurrent enrollment allows international students to register for UC Berkeley courses on a fee-basis for credit. The program allows students to enroll in courses offered at Berkeley without applying for admission to a UC Berkeley degree program. Students who wish to enroll via Concurrent Enrollment must take a full course load. 

UC Berkeley cannot guarantee concurrent enrollment students the opportunity to enroll in every course they wish to take, because all courses are offered on a space-available basis. Priority for class enrollment goes to full-time matriculated UC Berkeley students. Popular courses are likely to have high enrollments by matriculated students. Moreover, not all courses listed in a department's curriculum are offered every semester. Both student demand and faculty availability determine which courses can be offered.

For international students wishing to enroll via concurrent enrollment, students first need to be officially invited by a UC Berkeley campus department to study here, and not every department accepts Concurrent Enrollment students. Students should contact their department of interest and connect with a staff member in the department that works on graduate student services to gain approval.

International applicants must submit their UC Berkeley departmental campus invitation letter and submit the online international concurrent enrollment application and fee to UC Extension. 

Certificate and Diploma Programs

UC Extension also offers a number of Certificate and Diploma Programs specifically designed for international students.