International Travel

International Travel

Updated July 2023

The Global Engagement Office supports international travel by partnering with campus units to provide up-to-date information about campus' international travel resources, guidelines, and policies, risk management resources, and facilitating travel approvals for State Department Level 4 locations. 

Trip registration is required for university-related foreign travel

Trip registration is required for all university-related foreign travel, regardless of State Department Travel Advisory Level or travel purpose. (Travel booked via Connexxus is automatically registered, or register manually via UCAway.) Travel registration is an important risk management tool. If an emergency occurs in your travel destination, this is how Berkeley Risk Services will know you are there. Travel registration also enrolls you to receive travel alerts from UC’s security provider, Crisis24.

International Travel Guidance, Protocol, & Approval Processes

Pre-approval is required for certain types of university-related international travel, including study abroad/group student travel for coursework or credit, and travel to State Department Level 4 / 'Do Not Travel' destinations. Travelers are encouraged to review campus travel guidance, protocols and approval processes before making arrangements. Refer to International Travel Guidance, Protocol, & Approval Processes for complete information.

Berkeley Risk Services

It is the responsibility of the traveler and approving department to ensure the financial and health/safety risks associated with international travel are assessed before authorizing travel. Travelers should exercise particular caution about traveling to destinations that are restricted to US Government personnel in the Travel Advisory. Contact with questions about specific destinations.

Resources for International Travel

UC Berkeley offers several resources for international travel, including cybersecurity and data protection guidelines, Export Control, travel insurance, risk services, and more.

Important updates

  • Effective May 3, 2022, UC Berkeley has ended the requirement for pre-approval to CDC Level 3 & 4 locations that had been in effect since 2020. However, travel to State Department Level 4 locations and all study abroad/group student travel continues to require pre-approval from central campus. Refer to International Travel Guidance, Protocol, & Approval Processes for more information.