International Research

International Research at Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley’s reputation for excellence in teaching and research is built, in part, on its long tradition of robust international engagement. 

Aligned with our Principles of International Engagement, UC Berkeley is proud to welcome researchers and international partnerships from around the world, and strives to create a campus community that encourages cross-cultural understanding in a welcoming environment. The UC Berkeley Global Engagement Office remains committed to strengthening UC Berkeley's international relationships and advocating for international collaboration in research. GEO has aggregated a variety of campus resources to help the UC Berkeley community and prospective partners understand and navigate UC Berkeley's international research landscape.

Campus Resources

Resources for international agreements, research compliance, and administration

International activities policy & guidelines

The Global Engagement Office is available to help faculty and staff interpret the UCOP International Activities Policy, UC Berkeley guidelines, and international agreement routing throughout campus. 

International agreements

This matrix is to help internal and external stakeholders navigate which office they should work with to draft binding or non-binding international agreements. All agreements, whether binding or non-binding, must be signed by an authorized representative of the university. 

International collaboration & research integrity

The UC Berkeley Global Engagement Office remains committed to strengthening UC Berkeley's international relationships and advocating for international collaboration in research. In recent years, federal agencies and Congress have grown concerned about foreign influence in US higher education - the idea that international governments, institutions, or individuals may be using access to academic research in an attempt to compromise the United States’ economic competitiveness and national security. GEO has compiled to resources to help the UC Berkeley community understand and navigate this evolving environment.

Federal agencies & disclosing international connections

Research Administration and Compliance (RAC) and the Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) maintain updated guidance that clarifies what principal investigators (PIs) should be disclosing to a federal sponsors about foreign connections. 

Export control

Export control laws are federal regulations that control the conditions under which certain information, technologies, and commodities can be transmitted overseas to anyone, including U.S. citizens, or to a foreign national on U.S. soil.  Export control laws have the potential to impact UC Berkeley faculty, staff, students, researchers, and research, especially in fields of science and engineering. 

Visas & immigration

Berkeley International Office's mission is to enhance the academic experiences of international students and scholars by providing the highest levels of knowledge and expertise in advising, immigration services, advocacy, and programming to the UC Berkeley community. 

Hosting international visitors & delegations

UC Berkeley welcomes delegations from international partners, peer universities, and government agencies for strategic diplomatic, partnership, and benchmarking visits. Berkeley faculty and staff who receive inquiries about hosting international delegations should direct these requests to the Global Engagement Office.

Hosting visiting researchers

Prior to hosting a visiting international scholar or during the application phase, all faculty or departments considering hosting visiting international scholars should consult the Visiting Scholars and Postdoc Affairs (VSPA) office to ensure compliance with university policies. VSPA is responsible for oversight and appointments of visiting research scholars (faculty, students) and postdocs. 

A Global Reach

Learn about Global Scholarship & Research at UC Berkeley

International Research Institutes and Centers

Research Centers and Institutes, sometimes referred to as Organized Research Units (ORUs), are organized around broad substantive research topics (e.g. international affairs, information technology, the environment). As such, they draw into their research programs faculty and students from multiple departments and disciplines. Research on various regions of the world is facilitated by nine interdisciplinary international and area studies centers and institutes, as well as a number of interdisciplinary research institutes with a global reach. These organized research units support both contemporary and historical research on every region of the world, expanding UC Berkeley's global reach.

Visiting Scholars, Researchers & Postdocs

Berkeley visiting scholar and visiting student researcher appointments are temporary, allowing individuals a unique opportunity to conduct research under the guidance of a faculty member in residence at UC Berkeley. The time spent as a visiting scholar or visiting student researcher prepares you for a career in academia, industry, government and the non-profit sector. Each year, the University hosts over 3,000 worldwide researchers who assist in its premiere educational and research mission. Students and faculty interested in visiting research opportunities at UC Berkeley should also consult the Visiting Scholar Programs by Department.

Visiting International Delegations

UC Berkeley welcomes delegations from international partners, peer universities and government agencies. International partners seeking to meet with UC Berkeley senior administration should contact GEO to request a formal visit.

UC Berkeley Faculty Expertise Finder

You can search faculty research profiles by using research interest or expertise keywords (e.g. genomics, cognitive development or toxicology). Alternatively, you can search for a particular faculty member's research profile by entering his or her name.

Global Partnership Database

GEO's global activity database is a campus-wide tool that shares information about where UC Berkeley is partnering and working in the world. This database represents international partners with whom our campus community has established MOUs, research collaborations, joint programs or networks/consortium relations. While we always try to accurately represent international activity, please note this data may not reflect all international work.