Visiting Researchers


Each year hundreds of international faculty, scholars and students visit Berkeley to conduct independent research.

Visiting Scholar and Postdoc Affairs at UC Berkeley provides information and resources to visiting scholars, postdocs, and visting student researchers.

Appointment as a Visting Student Researcher (VSR) is contingent upon the interest and ability of a campus department or organized research unit (ORU) to accommodate the scholar for the period of time desired. All visiting scholars and visiting student researchers must be sponsered by a faculty member of UC Berkeley and meet certain requirements. The length of stay for a VSR is at least one month and appointments are granted one year at a time, with a maximum cumulative appointment time of two years. VSR positions are not compensated.

VSRs are granted a variety of priviledges while on campus. For more information please visit the Visiting Researcher and Scholar Benefits and Privileges page. Note that VSRs are not eligible for all student benefits and privileges since they are not paying full tuition. 

Application procedures for appointment as a VSR vary across campus units. Some campus units have structured programs, while some have informal systems in place. All application deadlines and application fees vary by department.

Visiting researchers should first contact their desired host faculty sponsor directly for approval to work under his or her supervison. If the UCB faculty member is interested and willing to work with the exchange scholar, the UCB host academic department will work with the scholar to handle any required applications, documents, and all visa processing. Scholars coming to Berkeley to do research will come in on a J-1 Visa and will receive support from UCB's Visting Scholars and Postdoc Affairs office upon their arrival. The Berkeley International Office provides useful information on J-1 Visitor requirements and University Health Services provides information on health care services for visting scholars.

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