April 5, 2022: Best Practices for Engaging International Partners - approaches to global engagement at IPIRA’s Industry Alliance Office

Best practices for engagement with global industry

Approaches to global engagement at IPIRA’s Industry Alliance Office

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April 5, 2022 | 12 - 1pm | Zoom

This session is open to Berkeley staff and faculty only.


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Event Summary

How does Berkeley engage with potential international partners, including transnational corporations, foreign research institutes, and quasi-governmental entities? What are best practices for partner due diligence, or knowing your partner? How do we learn about the country and its government and laws, and discover and address any concerns? With this information, how do we work out an agreement between parties?

Eric Giegerich, Director of IPIRA’s Industry Alliances Office, will discuss IPIRA’s approaches to international engagement and agreement negotiation.

The Office of Intellectual Property and Industry Research Alliances (IPIRA) has the mission of enhancing the research enterprise of the world's best public university by establishing multifaceted collaborations with companies. IPIRA consists of two peer divisions: the Industry Alliances Office and the Office of Technology Licensing. 

The Industry Alliances Office (IAO) works with UC Berkeley employees and companies to enable innovative research relationships, negotiating all research contracts with private industry. The IAO has signed contracts with more than 1,300 companies worldwide.

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