Submit a Proposal to the IACG

The purpose of the International Activity Proposal Review Process is to facilitate international collaborations in education, research, and/or service that are aligned with the university’s mission, by providing guidance and timely feedback for the successful establishment and operation of international activities, while mitigating risk and protecting the reputation of UC Berkeley.

Our hope in providing this structure for large-scale, complex international activities is to reduce set-backs and road blocks that may arise when developing international activities, and ultimately to strengthen proposals early in the development process. The Complex International Activity Proposal Review Process helps to ensure potential partnerships and projects are looked at from a variety of risk and compliance angles before they are brought to the Chancellor, UCOP, or the University of California Regents.

Process for Initial Review by Senior Administrative Leaders

1. Review the International Activity Compliance and Risk Unit Contacts and consider the relevant issues of compliance and risk when developing a proposal.

2. Consult UC Berkeley's Guidelines for Developing International Activities to determine whether your international activity is defined as "routine" or "complex." 

3. If you believe your proposed activity meets the "complex" criteria, please complete the Complex Activity Review Form to request initial review by the International Activities Coordination Group (IACG)Within one week, GEO will notify the submitter the form was received, or will reach out to request more information.

4.  After all necessary information is received, GEO and the IACG will review the proposed activity at the next IACG meeting. Materials should be submitted at least one week prior to the IACG meeting for priority considerationThe IACG typically meets the third Thursday of each month, with the exception of December and January, or dates that fall on a campus holiday. 

5. After the IACG review, GEO will provide the submitter(s) with a summary of the IACG's feedback and recommendations, typically within 2-4 weeks after the IACG meeting. As necessary, GEO will also facilitate connections to other units on campus that should be consulted.

6. Once it has been properly reviewed, the submitter or project lead may proceed with the activity's development through binding agreements or other necessary items, which will depend on the scope of the activity. 

GEO and the IACG assist with the review of complex international activity proposals, facilitate connections to units responsible for risk and compliance, and provide recommendations to the Chancellor, EVCP, and other senior administrative leaders. 

Complex International Activities may require Chancellor approval before they can become active, and in some cases may require UCOP or UC Regents’ approval per the UCOP International Activities Policy

Questions & Support

The Global Engagement Office (GEO, is available to determine whether an international activity is considered routine vs. complex, facilitate connections to appropriate domain experts on campus, and answer questions related to the International Activity Proposal Review and Approval Process.