Visiting International Delegations

UC Berkeley welcomes delegations from international partners, peer universities and government agencies.

The Global Engagement Office (GEO) may accommodate delegation visits when:

  • The visit is of strategic value to our campus and senior leadership.
  • Visitors have requested to meet with senior administrators, including the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, or Vice Provosts.
  • Meetings requested involve multiple units on campus and topics of interest extend beyond one academic unit or department (visit requests with a specific, singular scholarly interest may be directed to the relevant Berkeley department, school, or college.)

GEO requires at least 6 weeks notice and the completion of the Delegation Visit Request form in order to consider a delegation visit request. Please review our guidelines below before requesting a visit. Please understand due to a high volume of demand, staffing, and scheduling constraints, UC Berkeley is not able to accommodate all visit requests, nor all requests to meet with leadership.

Due to office renovations, COVID-19, and staffing levels, the Global Engagement Office is not currently hosting non-essential in-person international delegations in Spring or Summer 2022, with extremely limited exceptions. We recommend postponing your visit to Fall 2022 (mid-August or beyond) to ensure a productive visit. Please contact us for more information.

Delegation guidelines:

Strategic purpose

When assessing delegation requests, GEO considers the strategic value to our campus, the interest of our university community, and the availability of senior leadership and staff. Please understand due to a high volume of demand, staffing, and scheduling constraints, UC Berkeley is not able to accommodate all visit requests, nor all requests to meet with leadership.

COVID-19 guidelines

All visitors to UC Berkeley will be required to follow local public health guidelines. UC Berkeley's ability to host delegations will be contingent upon public health and campus guidelines. Refer to campus access for more information about current conditions and mask requirements.

Size of delegation

Delegations are most productive with 15 or fewer participants. GEO may host larger delegations only in exceptional circumstances. 


In light of COVID-19 guidelines, GEO is currently avoiding group meals or serving food/drink. When possible, meetings will be kept to a half day.

Cabinet-level meeting requests

Requests to meet with the Chancellor or Provost typically require at least 2-3 months notice. Requests to meet with other senior leadership generally require a minimum of 6 weeks notice. However, even with advanced notice we cannot accommodate all requests. Due to scheduling constraints, most delegations should expect to meet with a Chancellor or Provost's delegate.

When to visit

It is most productive to plan campus meetings during the academic year when faculty and staff are most available. Summer visits may be possible, but many faculty and staff are away from campus during that time and not all requests can be accommodated. Visits cannot be scheduled during the Winter Holidays or on University holidays when the campus is closed. When possible, we also recommend avoiding Fridays, weeks of major US holidays, and the first and last week of the semester in order to ensure a successful and productive visit. Please refer to the Academic Calendar and the campus Holiday Schedule, or contact us for more information.

Getting to and around campus

Traffic in the Bay Area can be unpredictable. We recommend planning a minimum of 1 hour transit time from San Francisco to Berkeley, and 2+ hours from Silicon Valley. GEO recommends against visiting to our campus straight from the airport due to transit time and unexpected delays. We regret that we are not able to assist with hotel or transportation arrangements to campus.

Please note that UC Berkeley's campus is large and driving to campus buildings is usually not possible. Your visit will include a fair amount of walking and we advise you to wear comfortable shoes. If mobility is an issue, please be sure to let your campus hosts know in advance so appropriate arrangements can be made.

Translation needs

We are unable to provide translating services for delegations. Groups in need of translation should make independent arrangements. If the meetings will include translation, please inform GEO in advance so that appropriate time accommodations are taken into account.

We are a tobacco free campus

For a healthier community and cleaner environment, UC Berkeley is tobacco free. Thank you for not smoking.

GEO does not organize the following types of visits:

Tour groups and third parties: GEO does not organize visits to campus initiated by third-parties, such as consulting firms, recruitment agents, or tour companies, including those who will benefit monetarily for setting up a tour for international academic visitors to UC Berkeley. GEO also does not organize "study tours" for large groups. 

Exploratory, training, and professional development visits:  Visits geared toward professional development, benchmarking, and training purposes are best organized by one of UC Berkeley's Executive Education programs. These programs can customize your visit schedule to include presentations by subject matter experts, and manage all of the logistics including professional interpretation and translation of materials if needed. GEO does not organize exploratory visits.

Study abroad and customized programs: Universities seeking to develop customized study tour programs should contact UC Berkeley Global Custom Programs, housed within UC Berkeley Extension, to create and co-design a program that combines relevant courses with visits to leading companies in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.