International Travel Guidance, Protocol, & Approval Processes

Last updated July 2023

International Travel Guidance and Requirements

1. Trip registration is required for all university-related foreign travel, regardless of State Department Travel Advisory Level or travel purpose. (Travel booked via Connexxus is automatically registered, or register manually via UCAway.) Travel registration is an important risk management tool. If an emergency occurs in your travel destination, this is how Berkeley Risk Services will know you are there. Travel registration also enrolls you to receive travel alerts and insurance from UC’s security provider, Crisis24.

2. Pre-approval is required for the following types of international travel:

  • State Department Level 4 and 'Do Not Travel' destinations: All university-related travel to U.S. Department of State (DOS) Level 4 travel advisory (i.e., Do Not Travel) destinations requires a 2-step approval process, first from their Dean and then from the Vice Provost for Academic Planning. 'Do not travel' is the highest advisory level due to greater likelihood of life-threatening risks. Some locations have active sanctions and travel may be prohibited by the US government or UCOP. Follow the International Travel Protocol for State Department Level 4 / 'Do Not Travel' destinations to submit a request for essential travel to such locations, and contact with questions. 
  • Study abroad or group student travel for coursework/credit: Regardless of CDC or State Department Advisory Level, all study abroad and international group student travel for Berkeley coursework or credit involving Berkeley faculty, students, or staff (including advance travel for program planning and site evaluations, faculty-led programs, MBA exchanges, etc., both undergraduate and graduate) must complete a 2-step Study Abroad Travel Protocol, at least 90days in advance of departure, and ideally before programs are marketed to students. This first involves Dean's approval and the completion of a travel safety evaluation form, and final approval from Berkeley Study Abroad. This process ensures that study abroad programs are in compliance with risk management best practices, and that study abroad programs are counted in national IIE Open Doors numbers. (Note: programs created by Berkeley Study Abroad or UCEAP have no additional required steps). For further details, follow the Study Abroad and International Group Student Travel Protocol or contact with questions. 

3. It is the responsibility of the traveler and approving department to ensure the financial and health/safety risks associated with international travel are assessed before authorizing travel.

  • Even within level 2 or 3 countries, certain states and regions may have elevated ‘do not travel’ advisories or restrictions, which may require further campus review and assessment. Travelers and approvers are especially urged to avoid travel to destinations that are restricted to US Government personnel, cite a risk of Wrongful Detentions (indicated with a ‘D’), or Kidnapping (indicated with a ‘K’) on the DOS Travel Advisories.  Please check all regions you plan to visit, and consult Berkeley Risk Services ( with any questions about your itinerary or specific destinations. 
  • Travelers are also urged to enroll in the State Department Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive security messages and to make it easier for the US government to locate you in an emergency.