As part of our commitment to bridging international conversations across campus, GEO manages the following campus-wide international committees and initiatives:

International Activities Coordination Group (IACG): The IACG keeps senior administration informed of internationalization efforts across campus, coordinates high-level campus global initiatives, and develops international activity guidelines for campus. The IACG is a standing committee with a one-year renewable appointment, with a charge issued by the Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.

International Engagement Policy Task Force (IEPTF): The IEPTF was charged with reviewing and providing guidance to campus leadership on Berkeley's international policies, protocol, and global engagement strategy, in response to increasing discussions led by U.S. Federal agencies and Congress about the nature of U.S. universities and their engagement with international institutions and governments. The IEPTF was a temporary task force, engaged in a focused effort from April-May 2019, with a charge issued by the Vice Provost for Academic Planning & Vice Chancellor for Research. The IEPTF released its final report in Spring 2020 and is currently undergoing implementation.

Berkeley International Group (BIG):BIG is a recognized Berkeley Staff Association Community of Practice led by GEO team members that is composed of UC Berkeley staff and faculty who are invited to meet monthly to collaborate and participate in informal discussions related to the international work across UC Berkeley.  

BIG's goals are to:

  • Bring together staff and faculty with similar professional interests in international education, and serve as a community to share knowledge about Berkeley’s international activities.
  • Foster connections among UC Berkeley’s international stakeholders, strengthening cross-unit collaboration and providing a space to share best practices, innovations, and challenges across a decentralized space.
  • Provide a space for all levels of staff and faculty to connect around Berkeley’s international programs and topics of interest – providing a space for staff at all levels (from entry level through senior administration) to connect. Staff and faculty are encouraged to join the bconnected list!