Campus Resources for International Travel

Register UC Travel

Trip registration is required for university-related international travel. All Berkeley faculty and staff traveling on official university business should REGISTER their travel to receive free 24 hour services and insurance benefits. These services include emergency evacuation, accident and illness care during international travel, passport replacement services, travel alerts and more.

International Travel Guidance, Protocol, & Approval Processes

Pre-approval is required for certain types of university-related international travel, including study abroad/group student travel for coursework or credit, and travel to State Department Level 4 / 'Do Not Travel' destinations. Travelers are encouraged to review campus travel guidance, protocols and approval processes before making arrangements. Refer to International Travel Guidance, Protocol, & Approval Processes for complete information.

Berkeley Travel: Travel Booking, Policies, Expenses, & Reimbursements

Berkeley Travel provides travel information on booking travel, reporting travel expenses, how to get reimbursed, UC travel regulations, and guidelines and requirements for international travel.

Berkeley Risk Services: Risk Services, Risk Assessments, and Travel Insurance

  • The Berkeley Office of Risk Services provides services and support to help the university evaluate and mitigate risk. Berkeley Risk Services can connect travelers to country-specific travel briefings (in concert with UC's provider for global risk management intelligence, Crisis 24), as well as information about travel insurance coverage24-7 emergency contact information, and other risk mitigation resources, such as:
    • Worldcue is a resource available to all UC Travelers that allows travelers to research any location and obtain global travel trips.
    • UC has a limited number of customized intelligence reports and travel briefings that can be prepared and presented by UC's provider for global risk management, Crisis 24, each year. Discuss needs with Berkeley Office of Risk Services, which will follow appropriate protocols to request reports and briefings through UCOP.
    • In partnership with Berkeley Risk Services, the Global Engagement Office oversees the campus travel protocol for State Department Level 4 destinations, coordinating the holistic review of essential travel to such destinations in partnership with campus units, the Vice Provost for Academic Planning, and other stakeholders as necessary, such as the Office of Legal Affairs, the Vice Chancellor for Research, or UCOP.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection for International Travel

For members of the campus community, a trip to a foreign country presents unique data security challenges.  The following resources will help faculty, staff and students better prepare:

  • Berkeley's Information Security Office provides advice on protecting your intellectual property, data, and devices, whether it’s for work or personal, and includes a list of data security safeguards you should add to your travel checklist before, during and after your trip. If you plan to access CalNet while traveling, follow the University's recommendations for "Traveling with 2-Step verification"
  • Consult with Export Control well in advance of your trip if you are planning to take University equipment, data or technology outside of the United States. There are special rules for bringing electronic equipment, research, intellectual property, and encryption technology abroad. Certain types of international travel, research, and other activities may involve export control regulations depending on the travel destination and the items, software, and/or technical data that are taken. When you travel abroad, everything you take is an export, including high-tech equipment, confidential, unpublished, or proprietary information or data. Traveling with certain types of high-tech equipment including but not limited to advanced GPS units, scientific equipment, or with controlled, proprietary or unpublished data in any format may require an export license depending on your travel destination.
  • Although encryption is recommended to protect sensitive information in case your device is lost, stolen, inspected or confiscated, some countries restrict the use/importation of encryption software. The USA may also restrict its export. See UCOP's International Collaborations and Economic and Trade Sanctions (OFAC) web page for information, including countries with comprehensive sanctions, and links for additional help. Consult your local Export Control 

  • UCOP's Cyber-Smart Traveling provides many additional systemwide cybersecurity resources for domestic and international travelers.

Study Abroad

Field Research

  • The Office of Environment, Health and Safety provides UC and campus guidance for safely working and conducting research outdoors, off-campus, and abroad. OHS offers wilderness and first aid training, advising on best practices for field research, and other resources for UC Berkeley researchers.