International Agreement Risk & Compliance Contacts

Faculty and staff should consider the relevant issues of compliance and risk when developing a proposal. All binding agreements should be managed by a central administrative unit.

In order to assist faculty and staff in determining the appropriate point of contact, the Global Engagement Office (GEO, is available to consult with faculty and staff, facilitate connections to appropriate domain experts for general compliance or risk questions, identify units with delegated signing authority for the type of partnership or agreement, and answer questions related to UC Berkeley's International Activity Proposal Review and Approval Process or the UCOP International Activities Policy

Below is a summary of risk and compliance contacts you may want to consult when developing a proposal. 

Campus International Compliance Contacts

Type of International Agreement or compliance questions

UC Berkeley Office/Unit        

Contact Person(s)

Academic considerations (academic content, joint or dual degrees, credit transfer)

Faculty and/or relevant Department Chair and/or Dean and/or Academic Senate

International Activities defined as "complex" which require review by multiple UC Berkeley units or senior administrative leaders, and in some cases the Chancellor, UCOP, or UC Regents'. See Guidelines for Developing International Activities.

Global Engagement Office & International Activities Coordination Group (IACG)

Non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Global Engagement Office (GEO)

Immigration, visa, travel, and work permits 

Berkeley International Office (BIO)

Undergraduate student exchange programs, summer sessions

Study Abroad and Summer Sessions

Research administration and compliance, contracts and grants accounting, negotiation of subawards for collaborative research

Sponsored Projects Office (will refer to Contact & Grant Accounting CGA as necessary)

Sales and service agreements (including executive education, MOOCs, facility use, training, representation, and business collaboration); student exchange, placement, and training; copyright/trademark licenses. Use of University name and intellectual property (specifically trademark and/or non-research copyright) acquisition, protection, and licensing

Business Contracts and Brand Protection (BCBP)

Industry sponsored research agreements, industry affiliate programs, master research agreements with industry, subawards under industry agreements, Nondisclosure Agreements (NDAs), MTAs for incoming materials, Data Use Agreements (DUAs) for incoming data

Industry Alliances Office (in IPIRA)

Eric Giegerich, Director

Legal Counsel, licenses and certification, business structure, copyrights, coordination with in-country legal counsel, conflict of interest or commitment

Legal Counsel

Employment of individuals overseas, relocation, benefits, site staffing rules and regulations

Academic Personnel

Health, safety, and security considerations, International Insurance (travel, liability, property), vehicle use abroad, country specific health and safety information. Risk involving (illness, injury, accident, natural disaster, damage to reputation). Social, cultural, and political considerations

Ethics, Risk, and Compliance 

Shipping of goods and materials overseas, data transfer, export control, and security abroad

Vice Chancellor for Research Office

Export Control Service Request Form

Intellectual Property protection and licensing, copyrights, patents, trademarks, licenses, technology transfer, outgoing data, outgoing materials

Office of Technology Licensing (in IPIRA)

Leasing space abroad

Real Estate

Budget, Payment of employees abroad, paying foreign vendors, bank accounts, financial reporting, taxation. Foreign location registration requirements

Controller's Office

Purchase of goods and services abroad


Philanthropic opportunities with international constituents & gifts

University Development and Alumni Relations



Fund Management (agreements, including determining 'gift vs. grant')

Customized short-term programs for international students

UC Extension

Visiting Scholars and Posdoc appointments, insurance, stipends

Visiting Scholars and Postdoc Affairs (VSPA)

Graduate student exchange programs

Graduate Division