Berkeley ShanghaiTech Education Collaboration (BeSTEC) Program

The Berkeley ShanghaiTech program is designed to enable ShanghaiTech to offer world-class curriculum and to attract and nurture the best engineering students worldwide. Berkeley assisted Shanghai Tech with their faculty hiring and curriculum development. Berkeley faculty augment and share their courseware (syllabus, lecture videos and notes, assignments and exams) for advanced EECS courses so that equivalent courses could be established at Shanghai Tech. For each course, one member of Shanghai Tech has the opportunity to visit UC Berkeley for up to two semesters to attend the course and learn how the material is taught at UC Berkeley, and also to explore opportunities for research collaborations. The maximum number of simultaneously visiting ShanghaiTech faculty is three.

For UC Berkeley faculty and staff, more detailed information regarding the partnership development process and benefits to UC Berkeley is available here (via Google Drive, CalNet ID required).