GEO provides the following resources for faculty and staff involved in international activities on campus:

  • Process and guidelines for establishing or renewing international agreements.
  • Departmental and Campuswide Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) templates.
  • Up-to-date database of active international MOUs across campus.
  • Tips and guidelines for hosting international visitors.
  • Travel resources for faculty taking students abroad.
  • Monthly Berkeley International Group (BIG) meetings hosted by rotating units on campus.

An international activity is an activity involving teaching, research, creative activity, or public service conducted outside the boundaries of the United States or involving foreign institutions.

International activities include, without limitation, the establishment and operation of projects and programs for educational, instructional, training, clinical care, artistic, fundraising, and public service purposes, as well as the establishment of International Operations and International Subsidiaries to enable or facilitate such activities.