Sciences Po – UC Berkeley Dual Degree Program

Students in the undergraduate Dual Degree Program spend their first two years at one of three Sciences Po campuses in France (Le Havre, Menton, or Reims), each with a unique focus and geography. All instruction is offered in English. 

Students complete their last two years at UC Berkeley. During that time, students will be in the College of Letters and Science. They will take University, College, and Major requirements. Most students will select a major in the Social Sciences, which builds on the foundation they developed at Sciences Po.

Students pay fees directly to the institution they attend (Sciences Po their first two years and UCB their second two years), are directly admitted into UC Berkeley and Sciences Po, and earn two degrees (one from Berkeley and one from Sciences Po). Following the completion of their degree, students are guaranteed acceptance into one of the overseas university's Master’s programs.

More information is available on the UC Berkeley – Science Po Dual Degree Program website.

For UC Berkeley faculty and staff, more detailed information regarding the partnership development process for dual-degree programs and benefits to UC Berkeley is available here (via Google Drive, CalNet ID required).